About Us

Buy from Brazil - Brazilian products for the whole world!

Welcome to Compre do Brasil, we are a Brazilian company specialized in the export of Brazilian products.

We offer and supply a wide variety of popular Brazilian products. Products such as Paçoquita, Bis, Torcida snacks, Itubaina, among others...

When you feel that will and longing for your favorite Brazilian sweet, but do not find to sell near you... You can count on The Buy of Brazil! Within 7 days we will deliver your order.

Founded in 2017, we have a qualified team to provide you with a faster and safer online shopping experience, always ensuring that all questions about parts, brands, shipping and installation are met.

Located in São Paulo - Brazil, we are perfectly positioned to offer the products to all over the world. In addition to providing faster and faster shipments with our branches in Japan and the United States.

We have a network of trusted carrier partners who help us ship our products quickly and completely securely to our customers, with them often arriving faster than in-house shipments.